About Us

Lands and Waters is a nonprofit environmental organization devoted to watershed education, restoration, and conservation. Since our founding in 2005, we have played a leading role in promoting and establishing hands-on environmental education in schools in the DC Metro area. Our programs extend learning beyond the classroom by engaging students and teachers in the design and implementation of conservation projects on school grounds, which become living classrooms. We engage organizations and individuals from diverse fields and work in partnership to improve the heath of our local watershed. Lands and Waters develops multifaceted programs which bring environmental and conservation issues home for students, by examining what is happening on school grounds and in their communities. By extending learning beyond the classroom, students are given an opportunity to directly observe and explore natural ecosystems.

Every school is different, every landscape is different. Our programs are tailored to audience and place. Students learn how human activity affects the environment by observing and documenting what is happening on their school campus and in their local community. With this background, it is easier for students to understand the interaction between land and water and the link between their local watershed and the Chesapeake Bay. By helping design and implement conservation projects, students become active stewards of their watershed, inspiring and effecting change at the community level.


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