Frost: From Mono-culture to Diverse Marsh,

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Thank you Chesapeake Bay Trust and Robert Frost PTA for providing funding for Phase One.

In the image above volunteers remove grass from an area around the stormdrain.

Fall 2013 Frost Middle School began a multi-phase project that would totally transform a traditional courtyard into…

A marsh and more.

Frost’s courtyard functions like a watershed with all the stormwater draining to one large stormdrain.

With this in mind, teachers and students set out to mimic the diverse ecosystems of our local watersheds in their courtyard,  complete with a solar powered stream system.

We began our project where the water exits the courtyard, at the stormdrain.  Pictured above volunteers remove grass around the stormdrain.


Here, volunteer Alan Ford, President of the Potomac Chapter of Virginia Native Plant Society, leads the students in the hard work of the soil excavation.  The ground was compacted clay and made for a tough task.


In this picture students are filling a 15′ Filtrexx Sox with leaf mulch.  Leaf mulch is excellent for filtering and slowing down stormwater.


Now the Filtrexx Sox is ready to place around the stormdrain!


The Filtrexx Sox creates a berm that slows down, and filters stormwater. Our goal is to soak up and filter as much stormwater as possible to reduce negative impacts on our local streams.





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